Friday, 13 April 2007

Absolutely Rockall

The asylum seekers are kicking up again .

Apparently they have formed the opinion that they will be annihilated if they ever set foot back in the Congo. They should adopt be British attitude about these things and stand firm with ones countenance firmly fixed toward the approaching inevitable, just as the 24th (2nd Warwicks) did. It takes real spunk to maintain dignity when the threat of having an assegai thrust into ones rectal cavity looms spectral like from across the veranda.

If they really must stay and fly in the face of Governmental judgement, I reckon we could easily accommodate them on that floating platform that we built for the band during the ‘friends of Barabara Castle rally' at Rockall in 1977.

1 comment:

totallyun-pc said...

thats a lovely bit of rock.... wonder if tony B - liar would send an atlantic party to save that baby?